The Libertines – Up The Bracket

It’s a rarity that any band will produce an album in which you can agree with every single song, but this is certainly something you can listen to all the way through without being disappointed. Pete and Carl have to be considered as the great frontmen pairings of the 00s. Their guitar and singing techniques are like none other!

“There’s an almost indescribable wealth of rock lurking on Up the Bracket, and rarely is it less than blissfully entertaining. In just thirty-odd minutes, The Libertines pretty much do it all. Call it calculated, call it derivative– hell, there’s so much to this album, you can call it just about anything you like and probably not be too far from the truth– but if you don’t hear it, you’ll be the one missing out” PitchFork

Death On The Stairs
Horror Show
Time For Heroes
Boys In The Band
Radio America
Up The Bracket
Tell The King
The Boy Looked At Johnny
The Good Old Days
I Get Along
What A Waster

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