Damien Rice – O

Damien Rice showcases a mastery of the simplicity on this album. Most songs feature Damien, his guitar, a brush drum kit, and an upright bass. String sections float overtop here and there, and vocalist Lisa Hannigan joins in for a few songs. The instrumental ability of Damien and his studio musicians is superb, and it makes perfect background music for Damien to spin his beautiful stories. His songs transpose emotion into a sonic experience that pulls you in. You find yourself both sympathising and empathizing with the feelings and experiences of Rice and the personas he creates.

The Blowers Daughter
Older Chests
Cheers Darlin’
Cold Water
I Remember


Music runs in the family – his cousin has scored five James Bond films. James Arnold, who provided Rice with the eight-track cassette recorder on which he recorded his breakthrough 2002 album O, is a cousin of the Celbridge man. Arnold produced a 1997 album inspired by James Bond songs from the past, which included covers by Bjork, Iggy Pop and Jarvis Cocker.

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