Placebo – Black Market Music

One of those albums that has a special place in my heart. Black Market Music is very reminiscent of their first two albums but with much more charge and drive. An amazing bunch of powerful and poignant songs. I had to play it on the ukulele.

This video is part of a project im working on. Im learning to play my favourite albums on a ukulele. If you enjoyed it why not check out some other classic albums that I arranged. Like Radiohead – OK ComputerRage Against The Machine – Debut Album or MUSE – Absolution


Spite And MaliceScreen Shot 2017-11-20 at 00.45.25

Black EyedScreen Shot 2017-11-20 at 00.45.33

HaemoglobinScreen Shot 2017-11-20 at 00.45.42

All the other tabs for the rest of the album can be found on my Patreon page. I also put weekly video tutorials on there too. This week we are learning Passive Aggressive.  Patreon is a cool way for you to join my community and support me by pledging a small monthly donation. Imagine that, I could make a living doing what I love… because of you!

learn someting else
Guns N Roses (Sweet Child O Mine, Nightrain, Paradise City)
Smashing Pumpkins (Cherub Rock, Today, Geek U.S.A)
Radiohead ( Paranoid Android, Exit Music For Film, Karma Police)
Arcade Fire ( Funeral, Wake Up, In The Backseat)
The Strokes ( Last Nite, The Modern Age, Hard To Explain)
Pearl Jam ( Alive, Black, Jeremy, Porch )
Vampire Weekend ( A punk, Oxford Comma, Walcott)
Alt j (Breezeblocks, Taro, Something Good)

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