WIN a ukulele!

I recently did a review of the £15 ukulele from lidl. I was that pleased with the uke itself that i thought, why not give it away to somebody who wants to learn to play. The rules were very straightforward, all you had to do was tell me why you want it. The response was quite amazing. Some with very heartfelt reasons why they wanted the uke.

Lots of people wanted the uke so they could teach other people to play. Some wanted to gift it to their family. Some even needed the uke because they broke their last one by sitting on it lol (iv done this so I feel the pain)

It was a tough decision but I decided the winner should be Lydia.

Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 18.05.17

I have seen an incredible change in somebody with autism who started to play an instrument and this difference was remarkable. So i thought it was very humble of Lydia to enter the giveaway with this intention. Congratulations to her 🙂

Im giving away another UKULELE!

Due to the amazing response, I wanted to give everyone another chance to win the same uke. The rules are to support a campaign me and my band Bud Sugar are working on. We are doing something really special for Christmas and we want to raise awareness for it. We are achieving this by asking people to change their profile picture on their social media accounts to this image below.

insta 53

All you need to do is save this image and make it your profile picture. After you have done it, send me a screenshot and il add you to the list of entries. You can contact me through Insta, Facebook, Twitter or Email. Whichever way is best for you.

Good luck and thank you for been involved!

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