Early Kasabian, an intense, raw and brutal album. I like many others have been known to be sat at traffic lights screaming “AH AHAHA AHAHA…I TELL YOU I WANT YOU”. Its that make kind of album that one minute makes you feel like your going to war. Then next minute it’s transporting you to a bohemian transience and all that matters is beautiful music.  In this article you will find the Kasabian Ukulele TABs for Club Foot, Reason Is Treason and Test Transmission.

This video is part of a project im working on. Im learning to play my favourite albums on a ukulele. If you enjoyed it why not check out some other classic albums that I arranged. Like The Strokes, Muse, Radiohead or Kings Of Leon.


Club Foot

This just sounds straight up great on the ukulele. If you have a low G it’s going to sound even better too. The crunching chords combined with the haunting vocal line make for a perfect ukulele arrangement.

The easiest way to play this is to strum the chords and then quickly get your hands in place to play the vocal line with your thumb. It’s pretty snappy so it would be wise to use my guide on how to increase your speed on the ukulele to help you play this faster.


Reason Is Treason

The opening E chord needs to be strummed multiple times. The strumming pattern would D D D D D D D UDU. Mostly down strokes with a quick UDU at the end. The rest of the TAB is the vocal line. When playing the 4th fret on the C string, you need to palm mute the strings to give them that dead feeling.


Test Transmission

The opening part of this arrangement is mimicking the bass line. You can play it either palm muted or with your thumb. The A Chord is played with a D U D U D D strumming pattern.  The bit that sounds the best is the vocal line. The chord really opens it up so its ideal that you let it ring out as much as possible.


All the other tabs for the rest of the album can be found on Gumroad or my Patreon page.  Patreon is a cool way for you to join my community and support me by pledging a small monthly donation. Imagine that, I could make a living doing what I love… because of you!


Radiohead ( Paranoid Android, Exit Music For Film, Karma Police)
The 1975 ( Love Me , UGH!, Somebody Else)
Arcade Fire ( Funeral, Wake Up, In The Backseat)
The Strokes ( Last Nite, The Modern Age, Hard To Explain)
Vampire Weekend ( A punk, Oxford Comma, Walcott)
Alt j (Breezeblocks, Taro, Something Good)
Hippo Campus ( Boyish, Western Kids, Buttercup)
The Smiths ( Theres A Light, The Queen Is Dead, Cemetery Gates)
The Cribs ( Mens Needs, Be Safe, Im A Realist)
The Killers ( Mr Brightside, Smile Like You Mean It, On Top )
Foals ( Blue Blood, What Remains, Alabaster )
Kings Of Leon ( Red Morning Light, Wasted Time, Spiral Staircase )
The Strokes ( Whatever Happened, Between Love And Hate)
Mac Demarco ( This Old Dog, One More Love Song )
Arctic Monkeys ( R U Mine?, Mad Sounds, Arabella )
Joji ( Pills, Demons )
Lorde ( Royals, Team, Still Sane )
Bloc Party ( Helicopter, Banquet, Blue Light )
Queen ( Bohemian Rhapsody, We Will Rock You, Now Im Here )

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