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Gorillaz - Gorillaz

Gorillaz – Debut Album

The Gorillaz genre splitting music all started with this album. Damon Albarn’s craft of writing music seems effortless. Let’s learn to play some songs of this album. Today we are learning to play 5/4, Clint Eastwood and Rock The House. The video below will give you an idea of what the ukulele tabs will sound …

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Billie Eilish My Future Ukulele Tabs

Billie Eilish – My Future

Billie Eilish is a huge fan of the ukulele can be often seen playing one. It comes as no surprise that her music sounds fantastic on our four-stringed friend. Let’s learn to play her new song My Future on the uke. These ukulele tabs are taken from my video arrangement. It’s worth listening to it …

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Foster The People Ukulele Tabs

Foster The People – Torches

Indie rockers Foster The People burst into the mainstream with their single Pumped Up Kicks in 2010. It’s gone on to amass over a billion views/streams online. Needless to say, this band writes good music. Let’s learn to play some songs of Torches on the ukulele. Today we are learning to play Helena Beat, Pumped …

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daft punk one more time ukulele tabs

Daft Punk – One More Time

One More Time is from the stellar Discovery album by Daft Punk. They are titans of the dance music industry and it turns out their songs also great on a ukulele. What Are We Learning To Play? Below is a video of what you will be able to play by the end of this post. …

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surfaces sunday best ukulele tabs

Surfaces – Sunday Best

Sunday Best has taken the internet by storm. It currently has 1.2 million videos created using its sound on Tik Tok. Let’s learn to play this awesome song on the ukulele.  I originally heard Surfaces when one half of them got recommended to me on YouTube. Grandpops Uke by Forrest naturally stood out to me …

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jack johnson belle ukulele tabs header

Jack Johnson – Belle

He’s a native of Hawaii so naturally, Jack Johnson and the ukulele was bound to be a good combination. Today we are learning to play Belle from his In Between Dreams album. This song is aimed at beginner players who are looking to advance their playing on the ukulele. We are using fingerpicking and sometimes plucking …

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the weekend blinding lights ukulele tabs header

The Weekend – Blinding Lights

Today we are learning to play the synth line from The Weekends monster hit Blinding Lights. This song is drenched in 80s nostalgia and it translates really nicely onto the ukulele. Lets crack on learn to play it. Below is a example of how it should sound. The Weekend Ukulele Tabs If you are completely …

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james brown sex machine ukulele tabs header

James Brown – Sex Machine

The godfather of soul himself. A man of many genres but when it comes to funk, he was on another level. Let’s learn to play Sex Machine on the ukulele. What makes this an interesting song to play is its intricate strumming pattern. Its one of them that takes a while to get the hang of. …

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brockhampton ukulele tabs

Brockhampton – Ginger

Finally, a band that makes the term “boy band” sound like the coolest thing ever. To be fair, I was massively into bands like Westlife, Backstreet Boys, Nsync ect when I was a kid so I can’t really say anything lol.  I first got into Brockhampton when I saw the video for Gold a few …

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worldstar money joji ukulele tabs header

Joji – Worldstar Money

It seems to be a rare occasion on this website where I teach songs that actually feature a uke. Today is one of those days. Let’s learn to play Worldstar Money by Joji on the ukulele. With its excellent use open chords, Worldstar Money is a great song for beginners. The strumming pattern isn’t too …

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gorillaz 19-2000 ukulele tabs header

Gorillaz – 19-2000

This song translates very well to the uke. It a great exercise as we are using many techniques to play it effectively. Let’s crack on a learn to play these Gorillaz ukulele tabs.  Interestingly, this was actually one of the first songs I learnt to play on the uke. Me and my band Bud Sugar …

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Johnny Cash - I Walk The Line - Ukulele Tabs

Johnny Cash – I Walk The Line

Do you want to give county and folk hero Johnny Cash the ukulele treatment? Today we are learning to play the foot-stomper I Walk The Line. My first introduction to Johnny Cash was his cover of Hurt by Nice Inch Nails. It was the early 00s and around the time I seriously started to consume music. …

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Papa Roach - Last Resort - Ukulele Tabs

Papa Roach – Last Resort

When we talk of titans in the Nu-Metal genre, Papa Roach will often get mentioned. Alongside the likes of Linkin Park, Korn and Slipknot. They carried the torch for so many angsty teenagers in the early 00s. I was one of them so it was only a matter of time before Papa Roach ukulele style …

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Bud Sugar - Viral - Ukulele Tabs

Bud Sugar – Viral

Want to know something really interesting about this song? It’s my band. That’s right, when I’m not playing the ukulele on YouTube you can find me rocking out stage with Bud Sugar. Today we are taking a look at how to play our song Viral on the ukulele. The ukulele has been penetrating its way into …

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Pearl Jam Alive Ukulele

Pearl Jam – Alive

Pearl Jam were some of the key players in the grunge scene of the late 80s and early 90s. I was especially drawn to Eddie Vedders coarse vocals. They are so penetrative. Eddie is also a king in the ukulele commuinity. His album Ukulele Songs was crafted entirely on the four string instrument. He first …

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Sum 41 – Fat Lip

Learn to play Fat Lip by punk-rock titans Sum 41 with these FREE ukulele tabs. This is played high up the neck so it requires some finger dexterity.

dababy roddy ricch rockstar ukulele tabs

Dababy – Rockstar

The opening chord sequence for Rockstar is usually played on guitar but it translates really nicely onto the ukulele. Theres no need for any capos or key changes on this one either. The video below is the song played at normal speed and then slowed down if you want to play along..  Dababy Ukulele Tabs …

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R.E.M – Automatic For The People

Learn to play some songs for the R.E.M Automatic For The People album on the ukulele. Tabs for Drive, Man On The Moon and Find The River.