Eat My Uke


This is an going challenge that forces me to learn a new song everyday for a whole month. The best part about it? Im sharing all my findings with you!

Each day is based around a statement. It could be “A song that has a number in the title” or “A song that always makes you cry”. Its all abit of fun and great way for you to learn some new songs with me. If you would like to do the challenge yourself, you can grab the Instagram story template here.

jack johnson belle ukulele tabs header

Jack Johnson – Belle

He’s a native of Hawaii so naturally, Jack Johnson and the ukulele was bound to be a good combination. Today we are learning to play

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gorillaz 19-2000 ukulele tabs header

Gorillaz – 19-2000

This song translates very well to the uke. It a great exercise as we are using many techniques to play it effectively. Let’s crack on

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Bud Sugar - Viral - Ukulele Tabs

Bud Sugar – Viral

Want to know something really interesting about this song? It’s my band. That’s right, when I’m not playing the ukulele on YouTube you can find

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Sum 41 – Fat Lip

Learn to play Fat Lip by punk-rock titans Sum 41 with these FREE ukulele tabs. This is played high up the neck so it requires some finger dexterity.

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dababy roddy ricch rockstar ukulele tabs

Dababy – Rockstar

The opening chord sequence for Rockstar is usually played on guitar but it translates really nicely onto the ukulele. Theres no need for any capos

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