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Classic Rock Ukulele Tabs

What exactly does it mean to qualify as being a classic rock artist? Sweeping influence, longevity and groundbreaking importance are certainly some key aspects. A lot of the artists in this list have had a lasting influence on many modern rock stars. Here you can expect to find anything from The Beatles to Nirvana. I have arranged these into albums and you will typically find 3 classic rock ukulele tabs per album.

The majority of ukulele tabs on this website are organised by the album they come from. Click on the posts below to get to the tabs.

lynyrd skynyrd - simple man

Lynyrd Skynyrd – Simple Man

My introduction to this song was not the Lynyrd Skynyrd version. I first heard it on a CD that Kerrang! magazine put together called High

led zeppelin stairway ukulele

Led Zeppelin – Kashmir

Interestingly, this song has nothing to do with Kashmir in India at all. Led Zep frontman Robert Plant wrote it while driving on what he

the beatles - day tripper - ukulele tabs

The Beatles – Day Tripper

The most iconic Beatles riff of all time? Theres a strong argument for it. Its fairly straight forward to play but there is a little

alice cooper - poison header

Alice Cooper – Poison

I first heard Alice Coopers music as a child when schools Out would get blasted at my house as a kid. I loved the outro

aerosmith dream on ukulele tabs

Aerosmith – Dream On

Probably much to the annoyance of a few Aerosmith fans, i like many others discovered this song through the Eminem track Sing For The Moment.

acdc hells bells

AC/DC – Hells Bells

Rock and Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution … and neither is the timeless masterpiece that is the Back In Black album! AC/DC are well and truly

free - all right now header

Free – All Right Now

This song was on a complication CD that my mam got me when I was younger. “The Best Air Guitar Anthems Of All Time”. I

aerosmith walk

Aerosmith – Walk This Way

Often regarded as one of the greatest riffs of all time and for good reason, it sounds amazing. Not only as its original interpretation on

eric clapton - layla header

Eric Clapton – Layla

This song was written as an ode to a women Eric Clapton was in love with, Pattie Boyd. Unfortunately for him, she was married to

pink floyd time ukulele tabs

Pink Floyd – Time

Potentially the most famous song in a different time signature? You can’t play along to standard drum beat when playing this as its in 7/8

status quo ukulele tabs

Status Quo – Caroline

I have always been a huge fan of status quo, i love any kind of jangly guitar playing like that on Down Down and Whatever

pink floyd money ukulele tabs

Pink Floyd – Money

Potentially the most famous song in a different time signature? You can’t play along to standard drum beat when playing this as its in 7/8

the beatles come together ukulele tabs

The Beatles – Come Together

The Beatles have written some classic riffs over the course of their careers. Come Together is one of them and it sounds great on the

The Beatles – Abbey Road

There’s no need to say much about the album as countless words have been written that will tell you just what high regard this is

Queen – Greatest Hits Two

What’s to be said about Queen that hasn’t been said before? It crazy for a band to be able to release two greatest hits albums

Jimi Hendrix – Electric Ladyland

Jimi Hendrix has always impressed me with his brilliant and raw guitar work, letting rip with sensational licks that still sends shivers down my spine.

Queen – Greatest Hits

I was still in my dads sack when Queen was releasing studio albums so i never got to soak them in. However, their 3 greatest

acdc ukulele tabs

AC/DC – Back In Black

Rock and Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution … and neither is this timeless masterpiece! AC/DC are well and truly in musical roots, some of my earliest

The Beatles – Sgt Peppers

Rolling Stones top 500 albums – Number 132 million copies soldThird best-selling album in UK history4 Grammy awardsTime Magazine – the best album of all

Led Zeppelin – IV

Time to take on the mighty Led Zeppelin 4. I remember watching Wayne’s world as a kid and been so curious as to why Wayne’s

Fleetwood Mac – Rumours

My introduction to Fleetwood Mac came from an unlikely source. Remember in Forrest Gump just after his mum passes away and he’s sat on the

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