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Metal Ukulele Tabs

Fast fingers and heavy riffs. Some of these metal ukulele tabs will have you flying up and down the fretboard. This is a list of all the metal bands I have arranged on the uke. I have organised them into albums and you can expect to find three tabs per post.

The majority of ukulele tabs on this website are organised by the album they come from. Click on the posts below to get to the tabs.

slayer - south of heaven - ukulele tabs

Slayer – South Of Heaven

For me this seems to be most ukulele-esque Slayer song. I mean, we could probably try and learn to play Reign In Blood but does

korn - falling away from me header

Korn – Falling Away From Me

I was somewhat of a later bloomer to KoRn. They were absolutely getting listened to in my circle of friends but I never gravitated towards

metallica one

Metallica – One

The music video used to frighten the hell out of me. I thought the man in the bed was some kind of monster or beast

pantera im broken ukulele tabs

Pantera – I’m Broken

Another song that I discovered from music television back in the day. Most of the music to this song was written while Pantera was hungover

alice cooper - poison header

Alice Cooper – Poison

I first heard Alice Coopers music as a child when schools Out would get blasted at my house as a kid. I loved the outro

slipknot - surfacing header

Slipknot – Surfacing

Anyone remember their family members been super scared when you starting enjoying Slipknot? That was so the case with mine, and the majority of the

metallica enter sandman ukulele tabs

Metallica – Enter Sandman

Is there a more iconic Metallica riff than this one? Probably because all of them are Biblical. This one however sounds great on the uke.

motorhead - ace of spades - ukulele tabs

Motorhead – Ace Of Spades

A song that is guaranteed to make you head-bang, its got such a serious energy for start to finish. So let’s learn to play the

Papa Roach - Last Resort - Ukulele Tabs

Papa Roach – Last Resort

When we talk of titans in the Nu-Metal genre, Papa Roach will often get mentioned. Alongside the likes of Linkin Park, Korn and Slipknot. They

System Of A Down – Toxicity

Another album from my youth, i remember Chop Suey been blasted on Kerrang TV like crazy. Then they released toxicity single and shit really hit

Rammstein – Mutter

Great music. An acquired taste but if you like it you’ll love it. Not a mediocre track on here. Awesome band at their very best.

Korn – Debut Album

Korn debut album arranged for four strings. This is Korn ukulele style! It was only going to be a matter of time before I attempted

Linkin Park – Meteora

As always is the case with Linkin Park, this album is simply great.  This video is part of a project I’m working on. I’m learning

linkin park ukulele tabs

Linkin Park – Hybrid Theory

What can be said about this album that hasn’t been said before? I don’t think there are words that could do this album justice. In

acdc ukulele tabs

AC/DC – Back In Black

Rock and Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution … and neither is this timeless masterpiece! AC/DC are well and truly in musical roots, some of my earliest

black sabbath ukulele tabs

Black Sabbath – Paranoid

Black Sabbath’s second album is a masterpiece. They moved away from the blues of their first album and became much darker in tone. Toni Iommi’s

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