Top 50

This a project that iv wanted to attempt for quite a while. Can I compile a rounded list of some of my favourite and best-selling albums of all time including some of the most critically acclaimed albums in music history? Then arrange them all on the ukulele? The answer is yes…yes I can!

Click on each album to see how it turned out. Or sit back and enjoy the full playlist here.

eaglesDamien_Rice_O_album_covervampRedHotChiliPeppersCalifornication libsacdc fleet foxearcade fire the clashbeach boys televisionoasis
fat fredysjack johson kanye westsoad bowieblack sabbath radiohead21 pilots ragemuse bombaystone roses the streets  kings boboriginal_460 GunsNRosesAppetiteForDestruction600-1fagraceland15b-1  jimmy

nirvanabon iver arctic fleetwodd led zepstokes 512lpd4kULL HP QUEENTHE SMITHS

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