Einer Bankz Is Showing Us That Ukulele HipHop Is The Real Deal!

The ukulele and internet didn’t bond well when they first met. Sure its popularity soared through the roof and every man and his dog was wanting to learn to play this “easy” instrument. However, with its popularity came a stigma. The ukulele is NOT a real instrument. Absolute nonsense of course but I probably get told that the uke is lame at least once a week. Even in 2018, it’s still happening.

So when I’m scrolling through Instagram and see Einer Bankz walking through a beautiful garden playing some beautiful licks on his beautiful ukulele. Stood next to Chance The Rapper! I’m grinning from ear to ear. A few scrolls later and I see him next to Rich Brian, Denzel Curry and Rich The Kid. Einer Bankz Ukulele playing is the real deal.

Chance has been nominated for 7 Grammies and here he is endorsing our favorite 4 stringed instruments. Not so lame now is it?


That’s what makes me happiest about Einer’s recent blow-up. He’s shedding a positive light on the ukulele and he’s involving some of the best recording artists in music today. It seems like it was all a chance incident too, he recently explained in Pigeon And Planes interview.

“I was living at this house and there was a ukulele in the garage,” he says. “One night I got drunk, picked it up, and this girl I was with was like, ‘Play a Snoop Dogg song.’ So I made this little video. Then the next morning, I woke up and Snoop Dogg had posted it. My shit was so lit up, I didn’t even know what to do.”

Check out this recent documentary by Mass Appeal to get an in-depth look at his story and how he’s becoming on of the coolest fuckers on the ukulele.

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