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15 Easy Rock Riffs for Ukulele Beginners

Let’s put the simple chords and easy strumming patterns in the bin for a few moments. Get your neck ready for some moshing! In this article we are learning to play 15 easy riffs for ukulele beginners.Β If you are new...

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Powfu – Death Bed

Learn to play Death Bed by Pofwu on the ukulele. This tutorial goes a little bit more in-depth and provides a finger-style arrangement of what’s quickly becoming not just a huge TikTok song, but also a chart-topper around the world....

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Joji – Worldstar Money

It seems to be a rare occasion on this website where I teach songs that actually feature a uke. Today is one of those days. Let’s learn to play Worldstar Money by Joji on the ukulele. With its excellent use...

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Arctic Monkeys – AM

The Arctic Monkeys and the ukulele are a combination that works super well together. With that in mind, let’s learn to play some songs from the AM album. In this post we are learning to play R U MINE?, Arabella,...

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Sufjan Stevens – Mystery of Love

I was so happy to see Sufjan Stevens have some mainstream success when he penned the soundtrack to Call Me By Your Name. He has been putting out fantastic music for a long time and it’s about time that the...

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