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Welcome to the home of the EatMyUke ukulele tabs. This is a complete directory of all the tabs available on my website. I have organised them into full albums and each post is likely to have three tabs on it. The full tabs and backing tracks for everything I have every arranged on the ukulele, are over on EatMyUke : Learn The Licks.

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recent posts

america - ventura highway

America – Ventura Highway

I’m not sure where and when I first heard this song but I know it was around the time I started learning to play the

system of a down - soldier side header

System of a Down – Soldier Side

One of my fondest memories as a teenager was larking about in the pub that my mates parents ran after school. They would close it

korn - falling away from me header

Korn – Falling Away From Me

I was somewhat of a later bloomer to KoRn. They were absolutely getting listened to in my circle of friends but I never gravitated towards