30 Hip Hop Songs to Play on a Ukulele

Hip-Hop and the ukulele are becoming more and more of a thing. Some of the biggest names in the genre have done a collaboration with Einer Banks at some point in the past few years. Then there are all the lo-fi hip hop artists like Joji or Powfu. He uses the ukulele as some of his key instrumentation in his songs.

I am a huge fan of hip hop and rap. So naturally, I wanted to play some of my favorite beats on the uke. Below is a video rewind of all the big songs that came out in 2018. Of course, I had to mix it up with some of the freshest UK artists at the time too.

Please note that the tabs provided are my personal notes and are best used alongside the video for easier learning. You can find more tabs in the hip-hop ukulele tabs section of the website.

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Hip Hop Ukulele Tabs


Post Malone + Swae Lee

The big song from the Spiderman soundtrack. Post Malone and Swae Lee combining is a melodic melting pot. This is a great arrangement as we are mixing it up with chords and melodies.


Kevins Heart

J - Cole

This song opens up with a beautiful ukulele chord, the A6. You need to give it one strum and then pick out the melody with your thumb. 

j cole - kevins heart

This Is America

Childish Gambino

One of the most powerful songs of the year with an equally poignant music video. 

Praise The Lord

ASAP Rocky + Skepta

Interesting fact about this beat. Skepta sampled the main melody from an old PC game called Rome 2.

skepta - praise the lord

hommertom b

Unknown T

UK Drill artist Unknown T will probably never know his songs are getting played on the uke. 

Straight Rhymez 1


Manchester rapper has gone on to make huge waves in the UK industry since he released this freestyle.

aitch - straight rhymes

Rap Devil

Machine Gun Kelly

Was this track Machine Gun Kellys biggest mistake in his music career? It gave him so much exposure, but he also put his head on plate ready for Eminem.

Kill Shot


Enimen absolutely ate him up. The (p) in this tab is a pull off. You need to pluck the string and then lift your fretting finger off to reveal the next note.

eminem - kill shot

No Stylist

French Montana + Drake

Im using a low G for this piece, however it still sounds nice with a normal G string. 

french montana - no stylist

Sick Mode

Travis Scott

This is fairly basic chord pattern. Its recreating the synth sound at the beginning of the song.

travis scott - sicko mode

In My Feelings


Kiki, do you love me? Did anyone else have that tune stuck in their heads all year? 

Love Lies


Khalid’s style and voice suits the ukulele really well. This entire arrangement is built around a D#min chord.

khalid - love lies


Mac Miller

RIP Mac Miller. His albums will live long in the genre i guarantee it. 

mac miller - 2009

Falling Down

XXXtentacion + Lil Peep

A super simple chord progression and that makes it one of the easier song to play on this list. RIP to the both of them too. Saddens me how often Im writing that on this post. 

lil peep - falling fown



A super iconic hip hop riff of 2018.



Hands down one of my favourite beats of 2018. So simple but it hits so hard.

tyga - taste

Lucid Dreams

Juice World

The song is built around the Sting song Shape Of My Heart

juice world - lucid dreams

I love It

Lil Pump + Kanye West

Big Bank


yg - big bank

Look Alive

Blockboy JB

Barbie Dream

Nicki Minaj

nicki minaj - barbie


Cardi B + Migos

cerdi b - migos - drip

Lil B**tch

Stefflon Don

stefflon don - lil bitch

Party Here


octavion - party here


Skepta + Wizkid

skepta - energy

Darth Vader


chip - darth vader


Slow Thai

slow thai - rainbow

San Marcos



Blue Lights

Jorja Smith

jorja smith - blue lights

Flute Song


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