Wouldn't It Be Nice

Wouldn't It Be Nice

It’s a new week and the 30 day song challenge continues. The sentence that describes this song is “A Song that reminds you of the beach”. Quite unimaginatively, i went for the Beach Boys. 

This song can defiantly be a finger twister, however, once you get the hang of it. It sounds really great on the ukulele. 

The video below is a preview of what we are going to learn.

Beach Boys Ukulele Tabs

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A |-----12--------------|-------12-9-------9----|-----12---------------|-----12-8------8-10-| 
E |---9----12-9-10-12-9-|----10------10-12---10-|---9----12-9-10-12-10-|---8------8-10------|
C |-9-------------------|-11--------------------|-9--------------------|-9------------------|
G |---------------------|-----------------------|----------------------|--------------------|

A |-8--5--13---|---------------------------|-----------------------|
E |-5--6--10---|--3/5--3-1-3----1-1----3-1-|-3/5--3-1-3----3-3-5---|
C |-5--5--10---|-------------0-------0-----|------------2--------2-|
G |-5--7--10---|---------------------------|-----------------------|

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