Its fair to say that Billie Eilish has dominated popular music for the past few years. She and her brother Finneas have created outstanding songs and dont show no signs of stopping. Lets take a look at how to play her song Lovely with Khalid.

Below is a video of what we are going to learn.

I love this arrangement as it uses one of favourite ukulele chords – the Cmaj7th. Its all based around that and a E min chord.

First step is to use your index finger to hit the 2nd fret on the A string. Give that a strum then get your pinky ready to fret the 5th on the E string.

You basically want to assign a finger to each fret when picking out the rest of the notes. Pinky on the 5th, Ring finger on the 4th, middle on the 3rd and lastly, index on the 2nd.

The last section uses some hammer ons and pull offs. You can see them in blue. These are techniques that require you to pluck the string for the first note. Then place your finger for the next note without plucking.

A |-2-------------------|-2------------------|
E |-0---5-3-2-----5-3-2-|-3--5-3-2---2-----3-|
C |-0---------4---------|-4--------4-----4---|
G |-0-------------------|--------------------|

A |-2-------------------|------------------------|
E |-0---5-3-2-----5-3-2-|-----2h3p2--------2p0-3-|
C |-0---------4---------|-4---------4---0--------|
G |-0-------------------|------------------------|

This is certainly not the first time me, Billie Eilish and a ukulele have collided. I did full arrangements of her debut album and her first EP.