First Date, Reckless Abandon, The Rock Show

First Date, Reckless Abandon, The Rock Show

This is one of them essential pop-punk albums. It’s brimming with nostalgia and I’m totally here for it almost 20 years later. Rock, Punk and Metal were some of the first genres of music that I discovered. My way of finding new music was music television. A mix of Kerrang! MTV 2 and Scuzz would serve me up with new music regularly.


Today we are learning to play First Date, Reckless Abandon and The Rock Show. Enough of my rambling, keep scrolling to get the ukulele tabs. 

This isnt the first time i have attempted to play Blink-182 on the ukulele. I arranged Enema Of The State too. You can learn to play Dumpweed, Wendy Clear and Mutt too.

Blink-182 Ukulele Tabs

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First Date

This is the main section of the chorus. I’m recreating a plectrum using my nail for this one to give it a crunchier sound.

A |-3-3-3--------2-2-2--------0-----------------|
E |-3-3-3--------3-3-3--------0-----------------|
C |-4-4-4--2-0---2-2-2--2-0---0--4-4-0-2-0-2-0--| x2
G |-5-5-5--------4-4-4--------2-----------------|

A |----5-3-----5-3---5-7-7-7-8--7-3/5--|
E |--3-------3---------------10-8-3/5--|
C |------------------------------------| x2
G |------------------------------------|

Reckless Abandon

A lovely little lick that’s super simple to play. You want to use your first finger to barre the 6th fret and your Middle finger on the 7th. Then use your pinky to hit that 9th fret on the A string. Finally, your ring on the 7th fret for the last note of each section.

A |-6-------9--7-|--6-------9--7-|--6-------9--7-|--6---6-7-----|
E |-7---7--------|--7---7--------|--7---7--------|--7-7-----9---|
C |-6------------|--6------------|--6------------|--6-----------|
G |--------------|---------------|---------------|--------------|

The Rock Show

I’m using a low G in my video arrangement for this song. If you only have a high G uke, I tabbed that out too. 
The trickiest part of this song is the hammer on and pull-offs at the end of the ring. All you need to do is pluck the first note and use your middle finger to place onto the next note, then drag it off. It’s super important that your drag it, as that’s what creates the sound.
Low G Version

A |-----------------------------|-------------------------------|
E |-----------------------------|-------------------------------|
C |---------4-------2-------1---|---------4-------2-------1h2p1-|
G |-2-2-2-2-----2-2-----2-2---1-|-2-2-2-2-----2-2-----2-2-------|

High G Version

A |---------7-------5-------4---|---------7-------5-------4h5p4-|
E |-5-5-5-5-----5-5-----5-5---5-|-5-5-5-5-----5-5-----5-5-------|
C |-----------------------------|-------------------------------|
G |-----------------------------|-------------------------------|


Easy-to-print PDFs tabs for over 150 albums.

Easy-to-print PDFs tabs for over 150 albums.

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