Dead Man Walking

Dead Man Walking

I, like many people reading this post, first discovered this song on Tik Tok. Some dude who I follow used it for a cooking video he made. Don’t get me wrong, the meal looked ace, but the song was something else. So much atmosphere and groove, I immediately went into a deep dive of Brent Faiyaz’s musical endeavours. Let’s learn to play the killer Dead Man Walking on the ukulele.

What Are We Learning To Play?

The tabs are from a little arrangement I made for my Tik Tok account recently. Check it out below and keep scrolling to learn it yourself.

Ukulele Tabs

Below are the tabs I used for my looping video for Dead Man Walking. All on their own don’t really mean much but when you combine them all together, they sound sick. 

If you are unable to do that. The main sections you want to be playing are the 3rd and 4th. That’s the main synth line that hits so good.

A |-0-----2-----|----0-------10-8-7-5-3/2-3-2--|
E |-1-----3-----|---1--------------------------|
C |-0-----4-----|--0---------------------------|
G |-2-----0-----|-2----------------------------|

A |-------7------|-------5------|-------8-7-5----------5-2-------|
E |-5-----8--5---|-3-----7--3---|------5-------5------3----5-3---|
C |-5--------5---|-4--------4---|-----5--------------4-----------|
G |--------------|--------------|--------------------------------|

These tabs below are mimicking the vocal line that runs throughout the verse.

A |-------3---------------|---------------------------|
E |-5-3-5---5-3-5---3-----|-3-3-5-3---3-3---3---3-----|
C |-------------------4---|---------4-----4---4---5-4-|
G |-----------------------|---------------------------|

A |------------2-3-3---2---------|-------2---2-2-3-2-------|
E |--5-----3-5-----------5-3-5p3-|---3-5-------------5-3---|
C |----4-5-----------------------|-------------------------|
G |------------------------------|-------------------------|

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The Basics

In this section, we will cover everything you need to know about starting to play the ukulele.