No Halo, Sugar, Love Me For Life

No Halo, Sugar, Love Me For Life

Finally, a band that makes the term “boy band” sound like the coolest thing ever. To be fair, I was massively into bands like Westlife, Backstreet Boys, Nsync ect when I was a kid so I can’t really say anything lol.
I first got into Brockhampton when I saw the video for Gold a few years back. I was immediately inspired to make a similar video with my own band. Just a bunch of mates having a blast over some sick music. They have been on my release radar pretty much constantly since then and I’m quite shocked that I haven’t arranged any of the Saturation albums yet.
Enough rambling, let’s crack on and learn to play some BROCKHAMPTON on the ukulele. Today we are going to learn No Halo, Sugar and Love Me For Life.

What Are We Learning To Play?

All the tabs are taken from the arrangement of the GINGER album on my YouTube channel. Have a quick look at it now and you can also reference it later on when learning to play the songs.

This is video is part of my albums on a ukulele project. Im learning to play my favourite albums of all time. If you enjoyed this one, you might be keen to hear my version of the Joji – Ballads 1 album.

Brockhampton Ukulele Tabs

Not sure how to read these? Check out my free course and you will be learning these ukulele tabs in no time.

No Halo

This is a wonderful progression with some really rich chords. They are F#m, C#m7 and Bsus2. I’m using a low G in the video but it sounds fine without one too.
The second ukulele is mimicking the synth line.
A |-------0-------4-----------4-------0-----|
E |-----2-------4---4-------7-------2---2---|
C |---1-------4-------4---6-------1-------1-|
G |-2-------4-----------4-------2-----------|

A |-------------------| |-----------------------|
E |-7---5-7---5-7---5-| |-7---5-7---5-7---7/9-5-|
C |-------------------| X3 |-----------------------|
G |-------------------| |-----------------------|


Easily the most popular song from the album and arguably their big break into the mainstream. Another jazzy progression. We are using Fm, G#7, G#6 and a C7.

For the second ukulele part, we are following the main vocal line in the chorus. Its played very fast so to make it easy on our fingers. We want to use a technique called alternate picking.

Use your nail to do down strokes. As you bring it back into position, use the underside of the nail to strike the string again. 

A |-------3---------3---------8---------3---|
E |-----1---------2---------8---------3-----|
C |---0---------3---------8---------4-------| X2
G |-1---------1---------8---------3---------|

A |---------|----------------------------------|----------------------------| E |-8-8-8-8-|8--6-6---4-6-6--4-6-6-4---8-8-8-8-|-8--6-6--4-6-6--4-6-6/8-6-4-| C |---------|----------------------------------|----------------------------| G |---------|----------------------------------|----------------------------|
A |-------------|--------------------------------|------------------------------------------| E |-11-11-11-11-|-11-8-8---11-11-11-11-11--13-8--|-6-8-6---6-6-6--4-6---6-8-6---6-6-6--4-6--| C |-------------|--------------------------------|------------------------------------------| G |-------------|--------------------------------|------------------------------------------|

Love Me For Life

I’m using a low G to give it a deep sound. However, if you don’t have one, it’s not a problem. The melody will still be the same, it will just sound higher pitched.
The tricky part of this song is the hammer-on and pull-off combination for the lick. It’s super important that you drag the string when you are pulling off. This is going to project the sound more and make the hammer-on after it so much louder.
A |---------1-----------1-----------0-----------1--|------------------| 
E |-------1-----------3-----------0-----------1----|---------------x4-|
C |-----2-----------2-----------0-----------2------|------------------|
G |-3-----------0-----------2-----------3----------|--2-2---3---2-----|

A |-8---7p5h7---5---3---------5-7-|-8---7p5h7---5---3------|
E |---------------------3-5-------|--------------------3-5-|
C |-------------------------------|------------------------|
G |-------------------------------|------------------------|


Easy-to-print PDFs tabs for over 150 albums.

Easy-to-print PDFs tabs for over 150 albums.