This song is a perfect example of how exceptionally talented Donald Glover is. The instrumentation on it is just divine. Let’s learn to play Redbone on the ukulele.

What Are We Learning To Play?

The tabs are from a little arrangement I made for my Tik Tok account recently. Check it out below and keep scrolling to learn it yourself.

Ukulele Tabs

This is another one of my arrangements that is predominantly played with a low G. However, I tried it with a high G and it sounds equally good.. 

For the opening chords, use these fingers. First on the 1st fret of the E string. Middle on the 2nd fret of the G. Pinky on the 3rd fret of the A string. The first and second chord are the same shape so you just need to move it up 2 frets. Having your fingers placed like this is going to make the third chord much easier to get too. Use your ring finger on the E string, first on the C and keep your middle finger on the G. 

The rest of the song involves a lot of octave notes. That means the note is the same pitch but one is higher than the other. I would recommend using your first finger for the deep note and your pinky for the high note.

A |-----3----5-5----------3---3------|
E |-----1----3-3--5-------3h5-3------|
C |---------------4-----4-------4-2--|
G |-2-----2--4-4--5------------------|

A |----0--5--7--10-7----7-5-------------|--------------5-7---7-5-3-2--|
E |---1---------------------8-5---5/8---|-5--------5-7---8---8-7-5-3--|
C |--0----2--4--7--4------------7-------|------4-7--------------------|
G |-2-----------------------------------|-----------------------------|

A |-5/7--5--3---------------------------10-|-7-------------------12-14-15-17-|
E |------------7--5--3--5------3--5--8-----|------7--7--10-8---12------------|
C |-2/4--2--0---------------------------7--|-4-------------------------------|
G |------------4--2--0--2------0--2--5-----|------4--5--7--5-----------------|