Welcome Home

Welcome Home

These guys were the perfect band for me as a teenager. I had been playing the guitars for a few years and beginning to get alright on it. So when I first heard Coheed And Cambria, their music melted into my ears like hot delicious butter. The instrumentation so harmonious and the drums so thunderous. I really did think they were the perfect band lol.

What Are We Learning To Play?

Below is a video of what you will be able to play by the end of this post. 

Ukulele Tabs

This is such a lovely little lick to learn on the ukulele. Its originally played on an acoustic six-string so it sounds vaguely similar. Use your first finger for the first note on the C string. Then have your middle finger ready on the 6th fret to slide up to the 7th. Thes going to free your first finger to drop down to the A string on the 4th fret.

A |-------4-----------------------|-------4------------------------|
E |---6/7-----7-6-4---4-7-6-4-----|---6/7-----7-6---1---4---2---1--|
C |-3-------------------------6-5-|-3---------------1---5---3---1--|
G |-------------------------------|--------------------------------|

A |---8-9-9-8-----8-9-9-8----------------------------------|
E |---6-6-6-6-----6-6-6-6----------------------------------|
C |------------------------3-5-6-8-6-5-3---3-5-6-8-6-5-3---|
G |-8-----------8------------------------------------------|