The opening chord sequence for Rockstar is usually played on guitar but it translates really nicely onto the ukulele. Theres no need for any capos or key changes on this one either. The video below is the song played at normal speed and then slowed down if you want to play along.. 

Dababy Ukulele Tabs

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For this song we are going to be fingerpicking. We will designate a finger to each string. This will make it much easier to play as your hand can stay in the same position.

C – Thumb
E – Index
A – Middle

The song is essentially just four chords which makes it super simple to play. We are switching between a G#min, Bmaj, F#maj and E maj.

A |-----2-----2------6-----6---|------1-----1-------2-----2--|
E |---4-----4------7-----7-----|----2-----2-------4-----4----|
C |-3-----3------6-----6-------|--1-----1-------4-----4------|
G |----------------------------|-----------------------------|