Child in Time

Child in Time

I’ll be honest, for about 25 years of my life, the only Deep Purple song I knew was the one that almost every guitar player in the world has heard. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I did a deep dive into their discography and discovered this gem. It’s such an epic musical achievement. I highly suggest putting on some headphones, laying down and listening to this song on full. For now though, let’s learn to play the intro organ section on a ukulele.

What Are We Learning To Play?

Below is a video of what you will be able to play by the end of this post. 

Ukulele Tabs

If you are attempting to play this, I applaud you already. It’s a fantastic song to play with a ukulele partner so I have included the chords/riff that is running throughout. This is one of those that’s just going to take a while to fully get the grip of it. As we get further into the piece, it becomes a lot more intricate and nippy so you just need to persevere.

A |---------------------------------|
E |-3-3-5---3-3-5---1-1-3---3-3-5---|
C |-2-2-4---2-2-4---0-0-2---2-2-4---|
G |---------------------------------|

A |-----------------------------5-7-8-7--|-7-5-3-7-5h7p5--------------------------|
E |-8--7--5-------------5--7--8----------|---------------8-7----8--7--5-3-3-5-5---|
C |---------7-5-7-4----------------------|----------------------------------------|
G |--------------------------------------|----------------------------------------|

A |-12-14-15-10-10-12-12----12-11--------12-11-------------|
E |-------------------------------13-12-------13-11---10-8-|
C |--------------------------------------------------------|
G |--------------------------------------------------------|

A |--------------------------------------------------------------|
E |-8---7--5--3--5-7-5-3-5-------1p0-----------------------------|
C |----------------------------------2---4p2p0---2p0-------------|
G |--------------------------------------------------4---5-4-2-0-|

A |----------------------------------3-------7------12--------12-------|
E |--------------------------------5-------8------12----13--13--13-15--|
C |------------2--4--4-5-4-2-4---4-------9------12--------12-----------|
G |-2----2h4h5---------------------------------------------------------|

A |-----12-14--12h14p12------------------------|
E |-15-----------------15-15------5-6--3-3-5-5-|
C |-------------------------------4-5--2-2-4-4-|
G |--------------------------------------------|

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The Basics

In this section, we will cover everything you need to know about starting to play the ukulele.