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Into The Wild

Setting Fourth, Touloume, End Of The Road

This is my ukulele medley of the inspiring soundtrack from the film “Into The Wild” by Eddie Vedder.


When I was a lot more fresh-faced, the idea behind what Christopher McCandless did ( renounce all his possessions and hitchhike across America ) was galvanizing, to say the least. The sense of freedom was something I had been missing in my life and I wanted a slice of it myself. Within a few months of seeing the film, I had a 30kg backpack on and was making my way through Europe with one of my buds.


Eddie Vedder really was the perfect pick for this soundtrack.

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Eddie Vedder Ukulele Tabs

Not sure how to read these? Check out this guide and you will be learning these ukulele tabs in no time.

Setting Fourth

This is usually played on a guitar and the finger picking is stretched across all 6 strings! So we need to move the octaves closer together for the ukulele. That means repeating the D note on the G string at the beginning.

A |----------------------|--5-5-5-2--5-5-7-4---5-5-5-2--5-2-5-7-9--| 
E |---------0---------x3-|--2-2-2-3------------2-2-2-3-------------|
C |-----9-----9---9------|--2-2-2-4------------2-2-2-4-------------|
G |-7-7---7-----7--------|--2-2-2-4------------2-2-2-4-------------|


A |-3--------3------5--------5------8--------8------7--------7-----|
E |----0-------0-------0-------0-------10------10------10------10--|
C |------0---------------0---------------0---------------0---------| x3
G |-0---------------0---------------0---------------0--------------|

A |-3--------3------5--------5------3--------3------5--------5-----|
E |----2-------2-------2-------2-------2-------2-------2-------2---|
C |------2---------------2---------------2---------------2---------|
G |-2---------------2---------------2---------------2--------------|

A |-5--------5------3--------3------5--------5------3--------2-----|
E |----1-------1-------1-------1-------1-------1-------------------|
C |------0---------------0---------------0-------------------------|
G |-2---------------2---------------2---------------2--------------|

End Of The Road

A |-5---5-5---5-5-5---5-5-------------2-2---2-2-2---2-2-2-2-2-2--|
E |-5---5-5---5-5-5---5-5--5-6-5/3/1--1-1---1-1-1---1-1-1-1-1-1--|
C |-5---5-5---5-5-5---5-5-------------2-2---2-2-2---2-2-2-2-2-2--|
G |-5---5-5---5-5-5---5-5-------------0-0---0-0-0---0-0-0-0-0-0--|

A |-12----12-13-12--10----------|
E |-13------------------10--10--|
C |-----------------------------|
G |-----------------------------|

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