Praise You

Praise You

There may be about 5 songs in the world that instantly put a smile on my face and can change my mood. This generational anthem is undoubtedly one of them. Maybe it’s due to me being 9 years old when it was released, the boulders of real-life hadn’t found their way onto my shoulders yet. My only concern was why my Thunderbird 2’s wings wouldn’t open. Let’s learn to play this Fat Boy Slim classic on a ukulele.

What Are We Learning To Play?

Below is a video of what you will be able to play by the end of this post. 

Ukulele Tabs

Im using a low g for this one and I’m not going to lie, its kinda necessary for that bass line. Listen out for the timing of the chord changes, if you are familiar with the song you will know when to play them. The licks after the bass line are just what i managed to pick out from that mental guitar rhythm that’s going on.

A |-1---1--4-4---3---------------------|
E |-2---2--4-4---4---------------------|
C |-1---1--5-5---3---3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-|
G |-3---3--6-6---5---5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-|

A |-------4-------------------------------|------------------------3---------|
E |-----6-------1----------------------x2-|--------4-4-2-4-----4-4---4-4-2-4-|
C |-6-6-----1-1-------------1-1-2-3-------|----------------------------------|
G |---------------1---1-5-5---------------|----------------------------------|