Cassius, Olympic Airways, Heavy Water

Cassius, Olympic Airways, Heavy Water

This band just jives the funk outta me! The soundscapes and rhythms they create are such trips. It’s understandable why they got a reputation of being a Math Rock band. The guitar riffs are woven together so intricately that it almost sounds like an experiment from a mad scientist.


I watch live videos of these guys all the time and one of my favourite tracks the play is Two Steps Twice. You might have guessed that seen as it took up almost half the length of this video haha.

If you enjoyed this video you may be interested to hear some other album arrangements i made such as Foals – Total Life Forever or Bloc Party – Silent Alarm.

Foals Ukulele Tabs

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A |---------3-3-3---------3-3-3----------3-3-3---------3-3-2---|
E |-5---5---------5---5----------5---5-----------------------3-|
C |--------------------------------------------4---4-----------|
G |------------------------------------------------------------|

A |------------------------------------------------------------------- E |--5-5-7-5----------5-5-7-5--------5-5-7-5---------5-5-7-5---------- C |-----------4---2------------4--------------4---2-----------2---4--- G |-------------------------------------------------------------------

Olympic Airways

A |-7---7-----------------------------2-|---7---
E |-------7-----7-------3-----------3---|-7---7-  Repeat 8 times
C |---------7-----7-------2-------2-----|-------
G |-----------------7-------2---2-------|-------

Heavy Water

 A |-----------------6-6-6--6-6-6-------------------|------------------|
 E |-----4-4-4-7-7-7--------------7-7-7-4-4-4-------|------------------|
 C |-4----------------------------------------4-4-4-|--4-----1-3-1-----|
 G |------------------------------------------------|--------------4-1-|


Easy-to-print PDFs tabs for over 150 albums.

Easy-to-print PDFs tabs for over 150 albums.

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