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Wasting Light

Dear Rosemary, Arlandia, Walk

I’m actually shocked I haven’t recorded a Foo Fighters album sooner than this. I am closing in on arranging 200 albums on the ukulele and although Dave Ghrol made an appearance for the Nirvana videos. His “other” project is finally making its debut.


Today we are learning to play Dear Rosemary, Arlandia and Walk. These Foo Fighters ukulele tabs are taken from this arrangement from my YouTube channel.

Foo Fighters Ukulele Tabs

Not sure how to read these? Check out this guide and you will be learning these ukulele tabs in no time.

Dear Rosemary

To make this tab work, we need to place our fingers from the very start. Use your middle finger on the 5th fret, ring finger on the 6th fret and then your pinky on the 7th fret. Thats going to free up your pinky ready to pull of from the 6th to the 4th. 
For the second part, it involves lot of sliding. The “/” represents a slide from one fret to another. You need to pluck the string and slide up or down to the next fret.
A |-----5---------5-|-----5---------5-| 
E |---7---7-----7---|---7---7-----7---|
C |-6-------6h4-----|-2-------2-4-----|
G |-----------------|-----------------|

A |-5-7-5-7-5-7-5-7-5-7-----5-7---|----|---------------------------------|----|
E |---------------------0-------0-|----|---------------------------------|----|
C |-------------------------------|-x2-|---------------------------------|-x2-|
G |-------------------------------|----|-7-9-7-9-7-9-7-9-7-9-9b--7-9-9b--|----|

A |-9/7-7/5-5/4-4/5-|-5/4-4/2-2p0-0h2-|-2--4-4--5-5--7-7--14--|
E |-----------------|-----------------|---------------------14|
C |-----------------|-----------------|-----------------------|
G |-----------------|-----------------|-----------------------|

A |-2--0----5--7---14------9-7-5-7-----2-2-2-2-|
E |-2--0----7--7-----14----------------0-0-0-0-|
C |-2--1----7--7-------------------------------|
G |--------------------------------------------|


This is a very straightforward riff. Use a palm muting technique if you want to give it a nicer tone. 

A |-------------|-------------|--------------|---------------|
E |-----4-2-4---|-----4-2-----|-----4-2-4----|-----4-2-4-----|
C |-1-4-------1-|-1-4-----4-1-|-1-4-------1--|-1-4-------4---|
G |-------------|-------------|--------------|---------------|


The best way to play the intro to this song is to barre the 4th fret on the C and E strings. Then use your middle and pinky fingers to fret the other notes.

A |----------------------------------|-------2-----2-----------------------------------|
E |---5---7-5---5-------4---7-4---5--|---5-----5-----------5---7--5---8--5---10--10-10-|
C |-4---4-----4-------4---4-----4----|-2---2-----2-------5---5------5------5-----------|
G |----------------------------------|-------------------------------------------------|

A |-4----------|-4-4---4-4-4---4-4-4---4-4-4---4-|--4-4---4-4-4---4-7-4---4-7-4---4-| E |-5----------|-5-5---5-5-5---5-5-5---5-5-5---5-|--4-4---4-4-4---4-4-4---4-4-4---4-|
C |-4----------|-4-4---4-4-4---4-4-4---4-4-4---4-|--4-4---4-4-4---4-4-4---4-4-4---4-| G |-6----------|---------------------------------|----------------------------------|
A |-2-2---2-2-2---2-2-2---2-2-2---2-|--5-5---5-5-5---5-5-5---5-5-5---5-| E |-2-2---2-2-2---2-2-2---2-2-2---2-|--5-5---5-5-5---5-5-5---5-5-5---5-| C |-2-2---2-2-2---2-2-2---2-2-2---2-|--5-5---5-5-5---5-5-5---5-5-5---5-| G |---------------------------------|----------------------------------|

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