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How to Play George Ezra – Budapest on the Ukulele


Today is “A song you knew would be a hit”. At the risk of sounding like a complete hipster, I knew of this song when George had about 500-page likes on Facebook. I used to listen to a lot of BBC introducing shows and Budapest was the track of the week for the west.


Anyhow, enough of me thinking im all that. Below is a video of what we are learning to play today. 

George Ezra Ukulele Tabs

Not sure how to read these? Check out this guide and you will be learning these ukulele tabs in no time.

We are learning to play three parts of this song. The opening chord sequence, and the 2 guitar licks that are playing throughout the tune.

Firstly the chords. Its based around the good old C major chord. We are using our first finger to barre the bottom two strings on the 3rd fret. Then using our middle finger to fret the 4th and then hammering onto the 5th using our ring finger.

For the plucking hand we are using the thumb for the C string. Then our index and middle finger for the E and A.

The following lick is played during the middle of the 1st verse. 

George Ezra - Budapest - Chorus Lick

To recreate this riff as much as possible, we need to palm mute the strings. This involves using the palm of our plucking hand to dampen the strings. This causes them to sound muted and not ring out as much.

George Ezra - Budapest - Chorus Lick 2


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