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Modus, Run, Tick Tock, Sanctuary

One of the few “YouTubers” that have made the transition to music pretty seamlessly. I was a huge fan of his debut EP, maybe due to its heavy use of the ukulele. I have enjoyed everything he has put out since too.

Today we are learning to play Modus, Tick Tock, Run and Sanctuary. These Joji ukulele tabs are taken from my arrangement of the nectar album which can be found below. 

This is not the first time i have arranged Joji for the ukulele. I also did his In Tongues EP and his debut album BALLADS 1. 

Joji Ukulele Tabs

Not sure how to read these? Check out this guide and you will be learning these ukulele tabs in no time.


A |-9---7---7---------|-2--5--2-------|-9---7---------------|-3--2--2-12-10-9-------| 
E |-7-----10----7---7-|-0--0--0-------|-7-----10-10---7---7-|-0--0------------12-10-|
C |-7-------------9---|-0--0--0---0-2-|-7---------------9---|-0--0------------------|
G |-------------------|-0--0--0-------|---------------------|-0--0------------------|

A |-9--14---7-5-7--5-|----0-2-2--0--2--|-9--14---7-5-7--5-|----0-2-2--0--------------
E |-0----------------|-3---------2-----|-0----------------|-3---------2---3-2-0------|
C |-0----------------|-4---------2-----|-0----------------|-4---------2---------2----|
G |------------------|-----------------|------------------|-----------------------4--|


A |--------------------------------------------------------|
E |---8-7--------------5-7-5-3----8-7------------5-7-5-3-3-|
C |-9-----9--7-9-7/4------------9-----9-7-9-7/4------------|
G |--------------------------------------------------------|

A |----------------------------------------------------| E |-7-5-3--3-5---3p0h3---------------------------------| C |----------------------4p2h4---2---2-----------2-4-2-| G |--------------------------------4-----4-2-4-5-------|

Tick Tock

A |------2-3---|-2--------|----------|-2/3-2-------|
E |----3-------|----------|---3-5----|---------3---|
C |--4---------|---4---2--|-4-----2--|-------4-----|
G |------------|----------|----------|-------------|


A |-3--3-3-3-3-------3-4-6---------3-4-6-------2/3-2/3--|
E |-4----------6---4-------4-----4-------4--------------|
C |----------------------------5-------------5----------|
G |-----------------------------------------------------|

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