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Learn to Play 3 Tom Misch Songs on the Ukulele!

It Runs Through Me, I Wish, Beautiful Escape

This guys music is just so silky smooth and laid back. I saw his colours session a while back and loved the tone he got out of his 6 string. Today we are learning to play It Runs Through Me, I Wish and Beautiful Escape on the ukulele.

What Are We Learning To Play?

The tabs are from a fun little video I made for my TikTok account recently. It’s pretty much showcasing the various levels of playing difficulty for this artist. It starts easy and ends on a super challenging riff. Scroll to give some of them a shot.

Ukulele Tabs

In the video, I play all of these songs using a low G ukulele. However, a lot of them will work equally well using a high G uke.

Easy - It Runs Through Me

This is the lead guitar lick that is playing on top of the chords in the intro. To be quite honest, this could is probably a bit further advanced than easy. However, don’t let that put you off and use this as an opportunity to learn some new techniques. The hammer-on and the pull off.

That’s the h and the p on the tabs. We are creating 2 notes but only plucking one and using our fretting fingers to make the next note.

A |--------------------|--------------------|-----------------------|
E |----------5p2-------|--------2h3p2-------|-------2h3p2---3-2-----|
C |-------2-------4p2--|----2h4-------4p2---|---2h4-------------4---|
G |-4------------------|--4-----------------|-4---------------------|

Medium - I Wish

This is a lovely chord progression that works great on the ukulele. It’s fairly straight forward to play. I put it as the medium song as it got this chord hammer-on and Its not an easy technique to master.

Use your first and middle finger to make the chord and then your ring finger to execute the hammer on.

A |-----------------------|----------------------|
E |--4---7---2h4-------4--|--4---7---2h4-----4---|
C |--4---8---4--------4---|--4---8---4-------4---|
G |--4---------------4----|--4---------------4---|

Hard - Beautiful Escape

This is going to require some super speed to pull this one off. It took me a good 2 hours of practice before I could play it at the required pace. Check out this post I wrote about speeding up your playing. It will 100% be helpful when playing that lovely lick on the chorus of Beautiful Escape.

A |-------------6h7p6---9-7-6-4/6---------|
E |---------4h7-------7-----------7---7/9-|
C |-----4h6-------------------------------|
G |-4h6-----------------------------------|


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The Basics

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