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Fight Fire With Fire, For Whom The Bell Tolls, Fade To Black

The absolute titans of metal music. I have been a fan of this band since I was a teenager. When you are an amateur guitar player like I was, it’s almost impossible not to like this band. The musicianship is incredible.

Today we are learning to play Fight Fire With Fire, For Whom The Bell Tolls and Fade To Black. Below is my arrangement of the album from which these ukulele tabs are taken.

This isn’t the first Metallica album i have arranged on the ukulele. Me and a buddy gave Master Of Puppets a go too.

Metallica Ukulele Tabs

Not sure how to read these? Check out this guide and you will be learning these ukulele tabs in no time.

Fight Fire With Fire

Originally played on an acoustic guitar, this sounds fantastic on a ukulele too. Im using a low G on the video but it will still work with a high G too.

A |-2--3--5--|-7-8--7h8p7-5--3--2-7-2-------|-------------| 
E |----------|------------------------4-4-5-|-2---2---2---|
C |----------|-0----------------------------|---2---2---2-|
G |-0--2--4--|------------------------------|-2---2---2---|

For Whom The Bell Tolls

This is just the intro to the song and i have crammed it all in to make it shorter. These are the four main riffs you will hear throughout the song.

A |--------------5-4-3-2------5-----|----|---------------------------------|----| 
E |-----------------------3-2-------|----|---------------------------------|----|
C |-6-6---6-6--4----------------2-1-|-x4-|---------------------------------|-x4-|
G |-6-6---6-6--4--------------------|----|-4-7-6-5-4-7-6-5-4-7-6-5-4-6-7-9-|----|

A |-------------|-----|-----------------------------------|-------------------------------------|
E |-3---2-----2-|-----|-------3--------5--------3-----6-2-|-------3--------5--------3-----6-2-1-|
C |---4---2-4---|-x16-|-4-4-4----4-4-4----4-4-4---4-4-----|-4-4-4----4-4-4----4-4-4---4-4-------|
G |-------------|-----|-----------------------------------|-------------------------------------|

Fade To Black

This is the intro and the part of the opening solo. The solo is no doubt a finger twister and took me a good few hours to build up the speed. Just start slow and best of luck ha!

A |-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-------------|
E |---2-3-2---2---2-|---2-3-2---2---2-|---2-3-2---2---2-|-----5-------|
C |-------------2---|-------------2---|-------------2---|---4---------|
G |-4-------4-------|-2-------2-------|-4-------4-------|-6-----6-----|

A |-------------------------------|-2---------------------------------| E |-----2-----2-3-5---3-5-7-5-3-5-|---5-3-2-3-2---2h3-2---2-----------| C |---2---------------------------|-------------4-------4---4-2-------| G |-4-----4-----------------------|-----------------------------2-4-4-|
A |-------------------------|----9-14-9-----10-9------------------------| E |-------------3-2-----3-5-|--10-------10-------10--12-10-9------------| C |-2-1-----2-1-------------|-------------11-------9---------11-9---9/4-| G |-------------------------|-------------------------------------------|
A |---------4-5-4h5p4---4-5-4-14-12-10-|-10-12-9------9-10-9------9-10-9---12-10-9--| E |-----5-7-----------7----------------|---------10----------10----------10---------| C |-4-6--------------------------------|-----------11----------9--------------------| G |------------------------------------|--------------------------------------------|

More songs from this album?

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