Kids, Electric Feel, Pieces of What

Kids, Electric Feel, Pieces of What

This was another one of those bands that found its way to me through iTunes “FREE SONG OF THE WEEK”. I found around the time I lived in New Zealand, and during that period in NZ, having the internet at home was not a common thing. So I would take weekly trips to the internet cafes with my iPod classic in hand, ready to download the latest offering. It was Weekend Warriors and I was immediately impressed. The coarse vocals sounded so good to me and then the madness at the end of the song! I needed to hear more.


I bought the album on CD, pressed play and bore witness to one of the greatest songs of that decade; ‘Time To Pretend”. It seemed to perfectly capture the reluctance of growing up and the shortcomings of leading a rockstar lifestyle.


It’s a fantastic album with some other killer tracks on there, some of which have gone on to become true classics in Kids and Electric Feel.

This is part of project i am working on whereby i am learning to play my favourite albums of all time on the uke and sharing them with YOU! While you are here, why not learn to play some other albums i have arranged on the ukulele? Such as Arctic MonkeysArcade Fire or David Bowie.

MGMT Ukulele Tabs

Not sure how to read these? Check out my free course and you will be learning these ukulele tabs in no time.


The first tab is the intro and main riff ( the part everybody knows 😂). The second is the synth line that accompanies the riff throughout most of the song.

A |-----4-7-9---11-9-7-4-------|-----4-------------------|
E |-5-7--------------------7---|-5-7---7-5-7-5-----7-5---|
C |----------------------------|-----------------6-------|
G |----------------------------|-------------------------|

A |------------------------------------------------|---------------------------7---------------| E |-------------------------9----------------------|-----------------------9-----9\7-----7-----| C |---------9-9--------9-11-----8/9/8---9-11-9-8---|-------9-9--------9-11-----------9-----9-8-| G |--11-11--------9-11---------------------------9-|-11-11-------9-11--------------------------|

Electric Feel

When i play this part in my arrangement i use a low G, however i understand that not a-lot of people will have access to one. So i have included both versions here. The tab below that is the synth line and the opening vocal line. 

  Low G Version                          High G Version

A |-----------------------------------| |-3-3---3-----------------------------|
E |-----------------------------------| |---------3---4-----6-6-8-8-3-----4---|
C |-0-0---0---------------------------| |-------------------------------------|
G |---------0---1-----3-3-5-5-0---1---| |-------------------------------------|

A |---------1---------------------------------------|------------------------------------------- E |-----1-3---1-3---1-----1----1---3-1---1----------|-4/6---6-4---4-3-3-3/1-----1-1-1---1-3----- C |---3-----------3---0-3--------3-----3---0-3---0--|-------------------------3-------3-----3-0- G |--------------------------------------------3----|-------------------------------------------

Pieces of What

A |-10-10-7-10-7---10-10-7-12-10-7-------------------5--------------------
E |--------------------------------10--12-7----7-5-3-------5-5-5--5/7-5/3-
C |-----------------------------------------------------------------------
G |-----------------------------------------------------------------------

A |--3---------2------2-----5------3----3-2-0--2---- E |--0---------3------0-----2------0-----------3---- C |--0---------4------2-----2------0-----------2---- G |--0----------------------2------0-----------0----


Easy-to-print PDFs tabs for over 150 albums.

Easy-to-print PDFs tabs for over 150 albums.