Plug In Baby

Plug In Baby

If you’re anything like me, as soon as you heard that mighty opening riff of Plug In Baby by Muse, you needed to learn to play it. Back when it was released I was rocking the 6 string *shudders*. So when I came to sense and dropped a couple of strings, it was only a matter of time before I attempted to play it on the ukulele. In this article, you will learn the Muse – Plug In Baby ukulele TABs.

How To Play It

This one can be tricky to play due to Matt Bellamy’s blistering speed up and down the fretboard. However, if you start slow and split each section into different practice sessions. You will have this down in no time.


It’s worth noting that I used a low G when I performed Plug In Baby in this video. It’s not hugely important as its only one note that uses the G string. It will still sound a tune. If you do have a ukulele with a low g though, its deffo worth grabbing it. Check out my guide on how to read ukulele tabs if the numbers below are confusing you.

Ukulele Tabs

A |-------------5---|------7-9h10p9-7------|
E |-6-7-9-6-7-9---7-|-9-10------------10-9-|
C |-----------------|----------------------|
G |-----------------|----------------------|

A |---------------7---|---7-9-9h10p9-8-9-8-|
E |-7-9-10-7-9-10---9-|-10-----------------|
C |-------------------|--------------------|
G |-------------------|--------------------|

A |-9--------------9-11b13-9-8-9----------|
E |---10--------10---------------10-9-10--|
C |------9----9---------------------------|
G |--------11-----------------------------|

If you are struggling with the speed of this. I would recommend checking out my guide to increasing your speed and agility of the ukulele. It utilizes an increasing metronome and trains your fingers to move without your brain thinking about it.

Video Lesson

This tab is an accompaniment to the video tutorial I put on YouTube. Depending on your learning ability it might be easier for you to use the video guide. In this video, I stress the importance of learning to play this riff slowly.

This album was my introduction to Muse. As with a lot of my music discoveries, I saw the music video to New Born on Kerrang TV. The angelic beautiful piano intro gets blasted out the way by the deafening guitar riff that follows. This album was a must on the ukulele.

If you have gotten to grips with Plug In Baby and your keen to learn some ukulele songs. Why not go for Radiohead – Paranoid Android or Muse – Ruled By Secrecy.

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In this section, we will cover everything you need to know about starting to play the ukulele.