The master of chilled hip-hop, sadly taken away from us 8 years ago. Here’s my tribute to him and his blissful beats. This is possibly one of my favourite Nujabes instrumentals. He and J-Dilla have this magical way of taking me away from the world with their music. True creativity comes from a place deeper than themselves. Today we are learning to play Feather by Nujabes on the ukulele.


This is a cover I uploaded a couple of years ago, it seems to be getting some traction on YouTube so I thought it would be wise to share the ukulele tabs so everyone else can learn to play some Nujabes

Nujabes Ukulele Tabs

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The riff its self is pretty to play. It just requires your fingers to be nippy as they fly up and down the fretboard. You are started on a chord and then the rest is picked. I would advise using your 1st and 2nd fingers for the chord and then use your pinky finger to hit the 11th fret on the A string. It’s then just a case of picking each note after that.


This part of the song is actually a sample that Nujabes used from Yusef LATEEFs Love Theme from the Robe. You can check it out below.