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I first discovered pearl when I saw the video for Evenflow on Kerrang back in the day. Kerrang TV for me was the hub of discovering new music as a 12-year-old. This was the early 00s so i couldn’t jump on YouTube or Spotify and dig deep into their discography. I had to do it the hard way, walk to the shop and get my hands on this gem of an album. For a debut album, this really is astonishing considering how every song feels like it has been written by a group of legendary artists. It’s a testament to the album that I bought it when it was 10 years old and 15 years later I’m still discovering new aspects that i love about it. Also, Eddie Vedder is a ukulele hero!

This video is part of a project I’m working on. I’m learning to play my favourite albums on a ukulele. If you enjoyed it why not check out some other classic albums that I arranged. Like Nirvana or Smashing Pumpkins.

Pearl Jam Ukulele Tabs

Not sure how to read these? Check out this guide and you will be learning these ukulele tabs in no time.


Repeat this entire part 4 times
A|-0-----0h2----0---------|-0-----0h2----0-2h3p2p0---|- E|-0----------------------|-0----------------------3-|- C|-1-0h2----------0-1-0-1-|-1-0h2--------------------|- G|-2--------------0-2-0-2-|-2------------------------|-
Chords at the end


Main Riff

A|------------------5-10-|------------------5---|- E|---------5---3---------|---------5---3------5-|- C|---2h4-----------------|---2h4----------------|- G|-2-----2---2-----------|-2-----2---2----------|-
A|------------------5---|--------------------------------|- E|---------5---3------3-|---------5---3----3-3-3-3-3-3-3-|- C|---2h4----------------|---2h4--------------------------|- G|-2-----2---2----------|-2-----2---2--------------------|-
Vocal Line

A|------------------------------- E|------------------------------- C|-4-6-7-9-7----9-7-7-6h7p6-4---- G|-------------------------------



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