Death Bed

Death Bed

Learn to play Death Bed by Pofwu on the ukulele. This tutorial goes a little bit more in-depth and provides a finger-style arrangement of what’s quickly becoming not just a huge TikTok song, but also a chart-topper around the world.


This tutorial is aimed at somebody who has been playing the Uke for a few months and would like to increase their playing ability by trying something a little more advanced. 


I’m using a soprano ukulele in this video however, you can play this song on a long size and it will still sound great. 


One of the most challenging aspects of this ukulele arrangement is the pull-off during part 3. If you are new to the instrument, it’s could be difficult the first time you try it. All you need to do is drag the note of the string. That’s what’s going to give it the volume you need.

Powfu Ukulele Tabs

Not sure how to read these? Check out my free course and you will be learning these ukulele tabs in no time.

A |--7----10-----7-----12--10-|--7-----10-----|
E |----0-------0--------0---0-|----7------10--|
C |--0------------0--0--------|--7-----7---7--|
G |-------0-------------------|---------------|

A |---10p7------5------5-7-|-10-----------5-----10-10-7--|
E |--------10/8----8-8-----|-----12--10/8----8-----------|
C |--7----------5----------|-8---8----8---5--------------|
G |------------------------|-----------------------------|

This is the chord that glues everything together at end. It’s not super important that you play it however its just a nice segway into playing it again. 

A |--7---|
E |--8---|
C |--5---|
G |--5---|