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Rage Against The Machine – Killing In The Name Of

Killing In The Name Of

For a very brief period in school, i was the bass player in a Rage Against The Machine tribute band. I was never even a bass player but as always, guitarists outnumbered every other instrument. It was years later that i would find myself dropping 2 strings again. Easily Rage Against The Machines most famous song, let’s learn to play Killing In The Name Of on the ukulele.

What Are We Learning To Play?

Below is a video of what you will be able to play by the end of this post. 

Ukulele Tabs

Use a palm muting technique as much as possible when playing this song. It gives it a real nice urgency in my opinion. Theres a tempo change on the last part of this arrangement so be sure listen out for that.

A |-------6-6-6-|---------------9-10-|--------6-6-6-|---3-5---8-9--------------|
E |-------------|--2-2-2---9-10------|-2-2-2--3-3-3-|-------------10--5--7-8-7-|
C |-2-2-2-------|--2-2-2-------------|-2-2-2--3-3-3-|-2---------------2--4-5-4-|
G |-------------|--2-2-2-------------|-2-2-2--------|--------------------------|

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The Basics

In this section, we will cover everything you need to know about starting to play the ukulele.