His soulful and jazzy takes just melt into my ears like hot butter does to bread. It comes as no surprise that he is a Brit School alumni after getting familiar with his genre-spanning discography. Let’s take a look at how to play Sunflower on the ukulele.
This arrangement is largely based on the video that Vasko made from Ukulele Cheats. He is a fantastic teacher and his YouTube channel has a tonne of helpful tutorials on it. 
Below is a video of what we are learning to play today.
Although chords for this song can look quite intimidating on the tabs. They are not that difficult to play. It’s going to be helpful to have a good idea of how to use barre chords effectively.
We are using the following chords (in order of how you see them on the tab). Am9, D13, Gmaj7, G7, Cmaj7, D13, Emin, Emin/D# and ending on the D13 again. I wouldn’t worry about the names of them too much though. Just follow the tab below.
A |-2-2---2-2-3-5--2-2-3-5--2-2-0---| 
E |-3-3---2-2------2-2------1-1---3-|
C |-0-0---2-2------2-2------2-2-----|
G |-2-2---5-5------0-0------0-0-----|

A |-2-2-0----2------2--2--2---|
E |-0-0---3--2----2-3--3--2---|
C |-0-0------2--3---4--3--2---|
G |-0-0------5------------5---|