Anyone remember their family members been super scared when you starting enjoying Slipknot? That was so the case with mine, and the majority of the school when i would wear a Slipknot hoodie. i didn’t care though, they had this undeniable energy that’s impossible not to enjoy. One of my favourite songs is surfacing of their Debut album.

What Are We Learning To Play?

Below is a video of what you will be able to play by the end of this post. 

Ukulele Tabs

I have transposed this up a few notches to make it possible to play without needing to detune it drastically. In all honesty, its likely to sound naff if you are just playing it on a solo ukulele, but don’t let stop you from learning it lol. Theres a whole lot of repetition in this song but it’s a good laugh to play.

A |-2/7---------------|----------------------|
E |-----0-0-0-0-------|----------------------|
C |----------------x4-|--4--5-4---4-5---x28--|
G |-------------------|----------------------|

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