Black Hole Sun

Black Hole Sun

It’s been a few years now since Chris Cornell’s passing. I remember Kerrang TV only playing Black Hole Sun during the night. Of course, this was way before the internet and therefore easy access to new songs. That was my way of discovering new artists. Soundgarden was one of those bands. RIP man, I hope you finally found peace 💙

What Are We Learning To Play?

Below is a video of what you will be able to play by the end of this post. 

Soundgarden Ukulele Tabs

I had to transpose this up a few notes to make it realistically possible to play without needing to detune individual strings. Although it looks tricky to play from the tabs, it’s not super difficult at all. Due to it being a slow song, you don’t need to get yourself into chord shapes. By that I mean you can glide your fingers down the neck for each note. That way you won’t need to stretch from the 3rd fret to 8th fret to make a chord shape. If you watch carefully to the video of me playing it, you can see what I mean.

A |-----3-8-3-----|-----3-8-3-----|-------8-------|
E |---3-------3---|---3-------3---|-----6---6-----|
C |-0-----------0-|-3-------------|---5-------5---|
G |---------------|---------------|-3-----------0-|

A |-------7-----|-------4-------|-------5---|
E |-----5-------|-----4---4-----|-----3-----|
C |---4---------|---3-------3---|---5-------|
G |-2---------0-|-1-----------1-|-0---------|