Mystery of Love

Mystery of Love

I was so happy to see Sufjan Stevens have some mainstream success when he penned the soundtrack to Call Me By Your Name. He has been putting out fantastic music for a long time and it’s about time that the wider world got to hear it. Let’s learn to play Mystery Of Love on the ukulele.

What Are We Learning To Play?

The tabs are from a little arrangement I made for my Tik Tok account recently. Check it out below and keep scrolling to learn it yourself.

Ukulele Tabs

The main parts of the original song are on a mandolin I believe. With that being the case, it translates really well onto the ukulele.

If you are stumbling across this and only want to learn to the main part, you may want to skip the first section. That’s just me building the loops for the video above.

The fingerpicking part is quite taxing on the fretting fingers as there are some serious stretches involved. For the first chord, you want to use your middle, ring and pinky fingers on the E, C and G respectively. After that, you can then slide the top 2 strings up 2 frets and use your first finger on the 3rd fret of the E string. This is the chord that’s likely to cause you some trouble so just practise slowly and work your way up to a more suitable speed.

A |------------------------|--------------------|
E |------------------------|--------------------|
C |-----4-----4-2---6----4-|-----4-----4-2---6--|
G |-5-----5----------------|-4-----4------------|

A |---------0---------------0-------|--------0--------------0-------|
E |-------3---3---3-------3---3---3-|------3---3---3------3---3---3-|
C |-----4-------4-------4-------4---|----6-------6------6-------6---|
G |-5---------------5---------------|-7--------------7--------------|

A |---------2---------------2-------|--------0--------------0-------|
E |-------3---3---3-------3---3---3-|------3---3---3------3---3---3-|
C |-----4-------4-------4-------4---|----6-------6------6-------6---|
G |-4---------------4---------------|-7--------------7--------------|

A |-----7--------7----|-----5--------5----|-----7--------7----|-----5--------5-----|
E |---8----8---8----8-|---7----7---7----7-|---3----3---3----3-|---7----7---7----7--|
C |-7--------7--------|-6--------6--------|-4--------4--------|-6--------6---------|
G |-------------------|-------------------|-------------------|--------------------|