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Sum 41 – Fat Lip

Fat Lip

This was my jam! Back when I first started to discover my own music. I’m talking around the age of 11 or 12. When the grasp of your parents take in music has been let go and you begin to find your own bands and artists. It was the likes of Sum 41, Blink-182 and The Offspring that started me on my musical journey.
The riff its self is pretty straight forward. It’s played high up on the neck so it requires a certain amount of finger dexterity. Below is a video of me playing it so you know how it sounds on a ukulele.
You want to utilize your first three fingers for this riff.  Use each one per fret for the opening three notes. Then use your third finger to drop down two strings and hit that 11th fret. 
Repeat that same process but use your second finger for the 9th fret.
The p in green is a pull off. You need to place your first finger on the 7th fret and your third finger on the 9th fret. Pluck the string and drag your third finger off to reveal the 7th fret. It’s super important that you drag it off as that is what’s going to make the sound.
sum 41 fat lip ukuele tabs


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