Jeremys Storms, Solitude In Bliss, Runaway Houses

Jeremys Storms, Solitude In Bliss, Runaway Houses

I first got into Tame Impala after hearing Currents. What I didn’t realize until listening to it is how many songs by them I actually knew. They seem to be one of these bands that are kinda unheard of but also absolutely huge at the same time. They headlined the Other Stage at Glasto!

I had every intention of doing Lonersim first but I listened to InnerSpeaker while doing some admin work on the website and I was hooked. Within a minute of I Don’t Really Mind finishing, I had Logic open and was starting work on the backing track. Cracking album and it sounds sick on the ukulele.

In this post, we are learning to play Jeremy’s Storm, Solitude In Bliss and Runaway Houses City Clouds. Below is a video of my arrangement of the full album.

This isn’t the first time i have arranged Tame Impala on the ukulele. I gave their 3rd album Currents the uke treatment last year too. Some of the artists that Kevin Parker lists as influences are Led ZeppelinSmashing Pumpkins and The Beach Boys.

Tame Impala Ukulele Tabs

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Jeremy's Storms

I’m not going to pretend that this song isn’t easy to play. It’s hard but once you get into a flow of playing it, it’s very rewarding. 
We are using a bunch of hammer-ons to play this (these are the h’s in red). This involves playing the first note, then placing your finger on the next fret without actually plucking.
A |-----------------------------------------|--------------------------------------|
E |-5---------------3---5----------------3--|-2---------------0--2---------------0-|
C |------2--------2-----------2--------2----|---------------0------------------0---|
G |-0--0----0h3h5-------0--0----0h3h5-------|-0--0-4--0-2-4------0--0-4--0-2-4-----|

A |-5---------------6--------------|----------------------------------------|
E |------5------5--------5------5--|----------------------------------------|
C |----------5---------------5-----|--3----3-------3--0----0-------0--0-1-3-|
G |-3--3---3--------8--8---8-------|--3--3----3-3--3--1--1----1-1--1--------|

Solitude In Bliss

This is a lovely chord progression and its simple to play as we are using the same shape throughout. 

You need to use your first finger to barre the fret. Then use your pinky finger to hit the higher fret on the bottom string for each chord.

A |-3-3-3-3-3---------|-3-3-3-3-3----------|
E |-3-3-3-3-3---------|-3-3-3-3-3----------|
C |-4-4-4-4-4----x2---|-3-3-3-3-3-----x2---|
G |-5-5-5-5-5---------|-5-5-5-5-5----------|

A |--------------------------|--------------------------|
E |------6h8-8--8p6------x2--|------4h6--6--6p4-----x2--|
C |--5h7------------7--------|--3h5-------------5-------|
G |--------------------------|--------------------------|

Runaway Houses City Houses

This tab is split into two parts. The first section is a C Maj and C Min chord played super fast. Its a straight up D U D U D strumming pattern.
The second part is recreating the synth line. It’s tricky as it is quite fast. It sounds much better if you use the palm mute technique.
A |-5---5-5---5-5---3-|-8---8-8---8--10-10-10-10-10--5--|
E |-2---2-2---2-2---0-|-5---5-5---5--7--7--7--7--7---2--|
C |-2---2-2---2-2---0-|-5---5-5---5--7--7--7--7--7---2--|
G |-2---2-2---2-2---0-|-5---5-5---5--7--7--7--7--7---2--|

A |-------5---------|----------------------|-----------------------|
E |-------2---------|----------------------|-----------------------|
C |-2---2----2---2--|--------------------2-|-------------------2---|
G |-----------------|--2--2-2-2--2-2-0h2---|-3--3-3-2--2-2-0h2---2-|


Easy-to-print PDFs tabs for over 150 albums.

Easy-to-print PDFs tabs for over 150 albums.

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