Life In The Fast Lane

Life In The Fast Lane

I have my mum to thank for my introduction to The Eagles. She’s not a massive fan or anything but she got me this CD called “The Best Air Guitar Anthems Ever” when I was a kid and learning to play the guitar. She saw it advertised on TV and one of their marketing tactics was to claim that you get a free air guitar with each CD. Of course, most of us know that air guitars are invisible and don’t actually exist. Not my mam tho, she demanded that the poor chap in HMV gives her a guitar. The CD was pretty cool but one track that stood out was Life In The Fast Lane, the riff was delightful. I hunted around and discovered they also wrote Hotel California and the drummer is the singer. I have been a fan since.

What Are We Learning To Play?

Below is a video of what you will be able to play by the end of this post. 

Ukulele Tabs

I am trying to make more of my arrangements not require a low G to play. Sometimes though, I just have to allow it. Due to the riff being a bit of finger bender already, the low G just makes it much easier.

Use your first finger on the 2nd fret. When you hammer-on to the 4th, you also want to hammer down on the 5th fret with your ring finger on the string below. This is going to get it in a position ready to be plucked. Your first finger will also be naturally placed and ready to hit that 3rd fret on the E string. On the original recording, the riff ends on a much deeper E note, however, I ran out of frets on the ukulele so needed to play it an octave higher. The second part of the tab is the same riff but its an entire octave higher.

A |----------------------|----------------------|
E |-----5---3----------0-|------5---3-----------|
C |-2h4---4----4p2-------|--2h4---4----4p2------|
G |----------------4-0---|----------------4-0---|

A |-------12----10----------------|-------12----10----------------|
E |-10h12----12-----12p10---------|-10h12----12-----12p10---------|
C |-----------------------11-7----|-----------------------11-7----|
G |----------------------------9--|-------------------------------|

A |-10p7-----7-7---7--|--10p7-----7--5--4--2--|
E |--------0----------|---------0----7--5--3--|
C |-------------------|-----------------------|
G |-------------------|-----------------------|