I and many others first heard this song when it had its EPIC premiere on Fortnite.  The song slams and its only right that we give it a shot on the ukulele.

For this arrangement we are recreating the opening synth lines. The video below gives you an idea of what we are going to learn.

Travis Scott Ukulele Tabs

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This arrangement can be a little demanding on your fretting fingers as it requires a lot of movement. The best way to combat that is to start playing it super slow. I made a video that goes in-depth on how you can use a metronome to increase your speed on the uke.


Your pinky finger is going to be key here. It’s going to be fretting the 6th fret on the A string and then sliding up to the 8th fret too.

A |-6--6/8--5--6/8--6--6/8--5--6/8---| 
E |-3-------3-------3-------3--------|
C |-0-------0-------0-------0--------|
G |-0-------0-------0-------0--------|

A |-6--6-8-10-5--5-8-10-6--6-8-10-5--|
E |-3---------3---------4---------6--|
C |-0---------0---------5---------7--|
G |-0---------0----------------------|

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In this section, we will cover everything you need to know about starting to play the ukulele.