Product Cleaning and Maintenance Guide

Alsim’s commitment to meeting client expectations extends beyond product design and manufacturing. Proper cleaning and maintenance are essential for ensuring the ongoing functionality and longevity of our products.


This article provides guidance on planned preventative maintenance, highlighting key areas to inspect and maintain to maximize the return on investment and extend the useful life of Alsim products.

Planned Preventative Maintenance

Following the manufacturer’s instructions and implementing a regular maintenance program is crucial for preserving the optimal performance of Alsim products. By adhering to these practices, you can ensure that the product continues to function correctly and meets your ongoing requirements.

External Maintenance

Regularly inspect the external finish of the product for scratches or damage. Clean the affected area before applying touch-up paint as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Neglecting to identify and repair external finish damage can impact the product’s long-term performance and useful life. Additionally, periodically clean the external paint finish using a diluted solution of domestic detergent and clean water, avoiding high-pressure water or steam cleaning equipment.

Internal Maintenance

Check the internal wall board regularly and repair any damage promptly. Failure to address damage to the internal wall board can impact the product’s performance and useful life. Clean the internal wall board using a damp cloth and a diluted solution of domestic detergent and clean water, avoiding excessive water or high-pressure cleaning methods.

Inspect the floor finish regularly and repair any damage to the floor or floor vinyl. Proper maintenance of the floor is essential for maintaining the product’s performance and useful life. For non-vinyl finished floors, clean with a dry brush. Clean the internal floor vinyl using a diluted solution of domestic detergent and clean water, avoiding excessive water or high-pressure cleaning methods.

Adjustments for Unusual Use or Challenging Environments: While the provided maintenance guidelines serve as a general reference, it is important to adjust the frequency of inspections and maintenance programs based on unusual or heavy use, as well as challenging operating environments that pose excessive challenges to the product.


Implementing a planned preventative maintenance program is essential for ensuring the long-term performance and maximizing the return on investment for Alsim products. Regularly inspecting and maintaining key areas such as the external finish, internal wall board, and floor finish will help preserve the product’s functionality and extend its useful life. By following these cleaning and maintenance guidelines, you can enhance the durability and value of Alsim products for years to come.

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