Ed Sheeran and the ukulele is a winning combination. He uses lots of percussion and loops. So there’s a whole bunch of elements to grab onto when arranging his music.

Having said that, this is one of Ed’s simpler songs. We are playing the piano motif that plays throughout the intro and the chorus. Enough rambling, scroll down to watch a video of me playing it and even further for the Ed Sheeran ukulele tabs.

Ed Sheeran Ukulele Tabs

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In this video of me playing this song. Im using a ukulele with a low G. I tried it with a high G soprano too and it still works. The key element of this song is the little run on the bottom two strings.

It can be helpful to barre the fourth fret and use your pinky and ring finger to hit the other notes. This guide by Ukulele tricks will help you improve your ability to use barre chords.

A |---7-6-7----------7-6-7---------7-6-7-----------7-6-7-------|
E |---------7-5-4----------7-5-4---------7-5-4-----------7-5-4-|
C |-4--------------4-------------------------------------------| x2
G |------------------------------------------------------------|

A |-7-7-9-11------11-11-11-12-11-9-7-11-9-----11-11--12-11-9-7-7---6-7--7-6----- E |-----------7-------------------------------------------------------------9-7- C |---------------------------------------x2------------------------------------ G |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------

This is not the first time i have played Ed Sheeran on the ukulele. I arranged the album that photograph is on last year. You can check out the full arrangement below.