Prelude, Bombing Mission, Tifa's Theme

Prelude, Bombing Mission, Tifa's Theme

To say I am a fan of this game is an understatement. Me and my mates were hooked on it as teenagers. When everyone else in my year group was smooching behind the bike sheds, robbing penny goodies or smoking resin. We were either recreating fight scenes from Cloud and Sephiroth and roaming the woods to see who could find the biggest stick to make the Buster sword.


What particularly drew me to the game was the soundtrack. The Composer Nobuo Uematsu is often regarded as the Beethoven of video game music and for good reason, the soundtrack is sublime.


What, with the remake of the original game just being released, it seemed like a perfect time to combine it with my other passion: the ukulele.

This video was a nice change from doing the album videos and it was great to get outdoors and soak up that vitamin D. This isn’t the first time I ventured outside with my ukulele either. I filmed a medley of Jack Johnson on the beach and this mash up of Fat Freddy’s Drop at a waterfall.

Final Fantasy 7 Ukulele Tabs

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This is quite possibly the hardest thing i have ever learnt to play on a ukulele. It requires jet like hands and ideally your fingers to be about 6 inches longer! Don’t let that put you off tho, its just a case of working up towards playing it at a fast pace. On the original piece, the scale continues for another 2 octaves but that’s just not possible on a ukulele. Im using a low G for this one so i can get those few extra low notes.

A |---------3-5-----15------------------|-----------------12----------------| 
E |-------3-------15--15---------3-0----|---------5-7---12--12--------------|
C |-0-2-4-------16------16-14-12-----2--|-------4-----12------12-11-9-4-----|
G |-------------------------------------|-2-4-5-------------------------5-4-|

Bombing Mission

One of the more iconic moments on the soundtrack. This plays as the train is furiously travelling through Midgar during the beginning of the game. Although i use a low G on this part, it can still be played without one by playing the blue notes instead of the notes on the G string.

A |-7---6---5---4-2-------|-2---------------------|-6-7-9--6--11-------|
E |---7-------5-------0---|-4--------------4------|---------------13---|
C |-----------------------|-4----3-4-6--3-----4---|-----------------13-|
G |---------------------2-|---------------------4-|--------------------|

A |-------------------|-12------------------|--12------------------------|
E |-4-5-7--4--8--5----|-----12----0----5-5--|------12----0-----5-5--5-5--|
C |----------------4--|-------12----0-------|--------12----0-------------|
G |-------------------|----------------2-2--|------------------2-2--2----|

Time to warm them fingers up! I palm mute this part to give it a more urgent feel.

A |-------------------------|-------------------------|------------------------|
E |-------------------------|-------------------------|------1--4-4---4-3-2-1--|
C |-2-4-5-4-0-----3-2-----0-|-2-4-5-4-0-----3-2-------|--2-4----5-5---5-4-3-2--|
G |-----------2-3-----2-0---|-----------2-3-----1-1-1-|------------------------|

Tifa's Theme

A simple picking arrangement that’s all based around an F Major chord. You really want to utilise your little finger for this, especially on the opening chord so you can slide up the 13th fret nice and easily.

A |-----8-12---|-----8-13---|-13--13-12-10-12-|-----8-12---|
E |---8--------|---9--------|-----------------|---8--------|
C |-5----------|-5----------|-----10-9--7--9--|-5----------|
G |------------|------------|-----------------|------------|


Easy-to-print PDFs tabs for over 150 albums.

Easy-to-print PDFs tabs for over 150 albums.

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